A Portrait A Day – Los Angeles
For 64 consecutive days, while living in Los Angeles, I documented the people I encountered while working as a staff photographer for a well-known studio. The isolation of living in LA drove me to this. Half the time, I worked my celebrity assignments. The other half, I took my camera out on walks and into the worlds within the faces I met on the street. In these images you will find a cross-section of people: A homeless man, a gangster, a politician, a fireman, a yoga teacher, a barista. Almost all were strangers to me.

Once lifted, the veil of my aloneness revealed something vibrant and alive. A collective soul began to appear that brought together what was once disjointed, and I found myself part of something sublime. Maybe you can see it out your window or in these images. It’s there. Just past all the glitter and the grunge, there’s the beauty of humanity.


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