Sara and Elie were married in a “traditional-with-a-twist” ceremony at the lovely Lake Eden in Black Mountain, NC on a stunning October day. These two have been together for many years, which is evident in their complete ease together. There was a traditional ketubah signing before the ceremony, in which the bride and groom sign a traditional marriage contract with the witness of the rabbi and two close friends. The ketubah is then read aloud during the ceremony for all to hear and be visibly moved by. It’s a beautiful tradition, one that’s often lost in more modern ceremonies. Nicole of Verge Events did a stellar job organizing every detail and making sure everything went smoothly. As Sara and Elie are self-proclaimed foodies, the meal, wine and desserts were incredible. I especially loved the Hava Nagila chair-tossing during the reception… see the priceless faces in the pics below.

Mazel Tov Sara and Elie! To a long life together.



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